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Bible Mission is actively involved in evangelism, discipleship and training ministry. We invite you to partner with us by exploring the opportunities below.


People need God. Thousands of believers on the mission field are burning with the desire to personally share their testimony of faith with other people. To do this, they need an important tool: a set of evangelistic literature packages.

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Gospel for unreached nations

There are only a few isolated Christians among these nations and ethnic groups. But the people need God! Distinctive aspects of their culture, identity, language and religion require an individual approach to reach them with the Gospel.

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Missionary support

God calls missionaries who, through specific ministries, take His Word to the people. Missionaries and their families are highly devoted to this task. They need prayerful support, as well as equipment and resources for ministry.

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Prayer Houses

Small, active churches on the mission field have the burning desire to proclaim the Gospel. Often, they are limited in their possibilities and resources. Many of them don’t have a place to meet, a place people can attend to hear the Word of God.

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Christian Summer Camps

It is the desire of the churches on the mission field to reach out to children with the Gospel. They need to hear about Jesus Christ and His love, so that they can carry it on into their families.

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Independent Bible Correspondence School

More and more people are looking for opportunities to study the Bible independently and individually. They need Bible courses to systematically teach them knowledge in the Word of God and lead them into practical discipleship.

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Eternal Truths

In many countries of the mission field, evangelistic activities are facing more and more restrictions. In this context, the work in small groups becomes more important. They need to be equipped with material for Bible study and work with seekers.

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Next Generation Leaders

The change of generations is an important issue today. In the past, in many churches on the mission field there was a lack of discipleship in the Biblical sense. The development of the evangelical movement today needs an investment into young people.

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Child sponsorship

In the former Soviet Union, children from families at risk are the ones who suffer from the poverty of their parents who often are alcohol or drug addicted. The state support provided for orphans is kept at a minimum and is absolutely insufficient.

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Hope Centers

On the mission field, there are many children growing up in families at risk. Their parents – addicted to drugs and alcohol – cannot care for them. These kids need a place of refuge that protects them from becoming street kids.

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Joy of Christmas

Not everywhere can children experience the joy of Christmas. In countries of Eastern Europe, Christmas gifts are but a dream for children in orphanages or in families at risk. This is why we want to bring them joy and hope through Christmas packages.

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Widows support

Many widows in countries of the former Soviet Union live in distress. Their small retirement pensions are not even enough to buy food. Often, widows with children and elderly people living alone are incredibly desitute.

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Humanitarian aid

People living in distress, people affected by disasters and conflicts and who lost their homes, children from poor families – they all need emergency relief to survive, and ongoing assistance to bring relief in distress.

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Crisis response

Natural disasters, fire, accidents, political conflicts – people affected often loose everything in an instant. Most of the times, there are no insurance structures in countries of the mission field, or they are just too expensive for the people.

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