[rs_space height=”80px”][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Open Sans” font_weight=”800″ font_color=”#ffffff”]Next Generation Leaders[/rs_special_text][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Open Sans” tag=”h4″ font_weight=”400″ font_color=”#ffffff” margin_top=”-80px” margin_bottom=”40px”]The change of generations is an important issue today. In the past, in many churches on the mission field there was a lack of discipleship in the Biblical sense. The development of the evangelical movement today needs an investment into young people.[/rs_special_text]
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Fragen    Zeugnisse   Teilnehmen


[rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Open Sans” tag=”h4″ class=”centered “]Nächste Generation  Fragen    Zeugnisse   Teilnehmen[/rs_special_text]
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By the year 2020, we want to mobilize and train 10,000 young Christians in churches on the mission field. An example is the discipleship program called „Faith relay“. In training camps, young Christians receive specific training for the ministry as Next Generation Leaders.

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Young people can be trained effectively to become devoted disciples, to live discipleship and develop skills to lead others into discipleship. This allows them to become strong leaders of an evangelical movement leading the next generation into discipleship and making disciples.
The local churches, especially key leaders and youth leaders will be united around this project and will work together for the purpose of training and supporting Next Generation Leaders.

A flexible training and discipleship program (“Faith Relay”) can be used by the churches according to the specific needs in their country or their generation.

NGL is a project that is going to have a vital impact on the development of the evangelical faith movement in the year to come. Each new leader who has gone through discipleship, who is capable and burning with the desire to make disciples, will be making a difference in his own generation and in the generations to come.


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10 000

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Our vision is to mobilize and train for ministry 10 000 young Christians by the year 2020


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In the next 10 years at least 50% of the leaders of evangelical churches will change


[rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Open Sans” tag=”h3″ font_color=”#0a0a0a”]Please pray for Next Generation Leaders and for churches to realise and develop this important aspect of evangelical movement.
Go with us to the mission field and serve in camps for young people![/rs_special_text]

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