Can I participate in a short term mission trip of Bible Mission?

Of course, it is possible to participate in short term mission trips in Germany and in other countries as well. In addition to the regular short term mission trips like the Joy-of-Christmas-Actions, construction ministries or Christian Summer Camps, we can organize individual mission trips. Contact us for more details.

What are the tasks / activities of a FSY-worker at Bible Mission?

Basically, there are different forms of a FSY. Making a FSY at our headquarters in Niedernberg provides young people an intensive insight into the areas of logistics and home economics. Further, there is the opportunity of making a so-called combined FSY including three terms of work (three months each) in our offices in other countries. Contact us for more information.

Can I receive a collective receipt for the donations I made? *

Yes, you can ask for a collective donation receipt by calling us or sending us an e-mail, provided you haven’t received such a collective donation receipt automatically at the beginning of the calendar year. Usually you receive a collective receipt for the donation/s you made throughout a year at the beginning of the following year. These are being sent out from the middle of January through the middle of February the latest. Please contact us if you miss such a confirmation. We check on your donations received, your address and other data and send the requested receipt to you by post.

* This information is for donation receipts for German tax and revenue authorities.